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The Sweet Life of Ruthanne Beighley
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Joe Roda, L’74
Ruthanne Beighley, L’76
Pasco Schiavo, L’62
Joe Sensenbrenner, L’73,
Ruthanne Beighley
To reach Ruthanne Beighley’s office you drive down a country lane in Hermitage, Pa. and follow your nose. En route the intoxicating aroma of vanilla and batter begins to saturate the air. Soon you come upon the corporate headquarters of the Joy Cone Co., the source of this pleasant, enveloping smell.

Life is sweet for Ruthanne Beighley, L’76. As general counsel for the largest ice cream cone maker in America, she spends her days amidst waffle and sugar cones and ice cream scoopers. Better yet, she avoids the time-consuming and nerve-wracking commute that exhausts her big city colleagues. She’s spared the traffic cones, fender-benders, and the advisories, and there’s no such thing as rush hour. In short, the drive from Hermitage to her home in neighboring Sharon is a snap. “I am never on a road that is a parking lot. Ever,” says Beighley. “I relish the ease with which I can get around.”
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