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Top Sports Agent Promotes Win-Win Vision of Marketing Athletes to the Global Village 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Sports agent Philip de Picioto L’81 sounded like a futurist at this year’s Shils Lecture, forecasting the dawn of a new era in communications that will turn the world of marketing on its head.

He said in the years to come he sees a profusion of goods and services, with free trade opening up new channels of distribution; a proliferation of media outlets competing for mind-share; and a shift in power from distributors to consumers of information, as, all the while, brand loyalty continues to erode.

“People have not changed, but the way we engage with the world has changed dramatically,” said de Picciotto during his presentation last February. “People want things to be relevant and specific to them. Everyone, all of us, is bombarded by messages... We will screen out messages that we don’t want to hear.”

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