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Joseph M. Farber Cí93, Gí99, Lí99, GRí03 Narberth, Pa., May 2006, attorney who participated in a successful lawsuit barring the intelligent design curriculum of the Dover, Pa. school district. Since 2003, Mr. Farber had been an attorney with Pepper Hamilton in Philadelphia. In addition to securities and antitrust matters, he also focused on pro bono work, including prisonersí civil rights and discrimination issues. In December of 2004, Mr. Farber became the first associate at his law firm to be recruited for Kitzmiller v. Dover. He later uncovered key evidence that a church group was funding the school districtís intelligent design curriculum. Mr. Farber earned bachelorís, masterís and doctoral degrees in philosophy from Penn, and at Penn Law served as senior editor of the Law Review. He is survived by his wife, Carol Hagan; two sons, Nathaniel and Samuel; parents David and Gloria Farber; and a brother.

Wiliam Geen Lí59 Easton, Md., April 2006, attorney. Mr. Geen was a Partner at Chadbourne & Parke, LLP for nearly 25 years. He was also a member and an elder of the Huguenot Memorial Presbyterian Church. He is survived by his wife, Ruth Parker Geen; his children, Barbara LeMaster, David, Elizabeth Gallagher, Robert and Christopher; and twelve grandchildren.
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