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A Twist of Fate Leads Berger to Early Role in Space Program
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Spared his life, Berger proceeded to become a pioneer in space law, combining his expertise in law and engineering. Even before the first American manned mission, Berger was writing about space sovereignty, accident liability, and the rights of nations which plant symbols, such as an American flag, on the moon.

For his contributions to the emerging field, Berger was elected to the International Academy of Astronautics in Paris. He has served as chair of the Aerospace Law Commitees of the American, Federal and Inter-American Bar Associations, and chaired the International Conferences on Global Interdependence at Princeton University.

These days, Berger worries about the future of the space program. I dont think were spending enough money on it, he says. I think its absolutely necessary to continue our scientific programs, including the space program, because a lot of technological innovation comes out of those programs. They help to keep the United States in the forefront of scientific development.
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