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Evan Kohlmann L'04
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Evan Kohlmann L'04
Eric Rothschild L'93
Miguel Rodriguez C'94 L'99
Derek Pew L'93
Aretha Delight Davis L'97
When the news came that Iraqi al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi had been killed, Evan Kohlmann L’04 didn’t let out a war whoop.

“Seeing him removed was certainly a positive development,” said Kohlmann, an expert on counter-terrorism. “I had spent years trying to convince some people that he actually even existed, but as quickly as he shot up through the ranks, there are others quite eager to follow in his footsteps.

“The theme is that you celebrate now, for in the future, there may be 1,000 Zarqawis,” he said.

Kohlmann, 27, was all over the news media following the Zarqawi hit. He runs Globalterroralert, a New York-based consulting firm whose clients include government and private businesses. He has been an expert witness at several federal trials involving suspected terrorists and has a contract to be an on-camera aficionado on terrorism and counter-terrorism for MSNBC.
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