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Aretha Delight Davis L'97
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Evan Kohlmann L'04
Eric Rothschild L'93
Miguel Rodriguez C'94 L'99
Derek Pew L'93
Aretha Delight Davis L'97
She has never dreamed minor dreams. Even when she was a freshman at Harvard University, Aretha Delight Davis devoted countless hours to community service, convinced that working with kids and the disenfranchised was at least a way to start changing the world. Davis was only 17 years old, but already feeling an urgent need to ďrepairĒ an ailing society.

Today, Davis Lí97 is off to Harvard Medical School where she plans to get not just a medical degree, but also a masterís in public policy.

So what makes Davis run? Why isnít she content with already having crammed several lifetimes into one?
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