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Anthony Mazzarelli L’03, who recently finished his residency at Cooper Medical Hospital in Camden, N.J., has a master’s in bioethics from Penn. He says the Certificate in Law fills gaps in the medical school curriculum by schooling doctors in areas in which they are deficient, such as reimbursement and regulatory issues and the laws of empowerment. “In the emergency department you have to make very quick decisions, and sometimes we get lost inside the medicine,” he says. “Having trained in bioethics, I would like to think that I can step back and look at the bigger picture. It doesn’t make me a better physician as much as a better patient advocate.”

As professor Ted Ruger discovered in his class on FDA regulation last fall, attended by a medical resident researching the safety of dermatological drugs, law students also have much to gain from M.D. candidates. “I’d like to see this trend continue,” says Ruger of the intermingling of medical, communications and liberal arts students with law students.

By all accounts, such interaction produces lively dialogue and well-rounded professionals. It might even open doors to new careers, as it did for Christopher Segal, who found classes at the Law School challenging, but rewarding. “It absolutely furthered my interest in law,” he says.
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