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The new program intrigues Blair Sadler L’65, who stepped down in July after 26 years as president and chief executive officer of the Children’s Hospital and Health Center in San Diego. He says the chance for would-be doctors to add legal knowledge to their toolkits opens new vistas for a select group of physicians.

In Sadler’s view, the new certificate could position doctors to be legal advisors to private-sector pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, and may well be a perfect credential for a new job taking shape: chief medical officer, a member of hospital senior management who oversees the quality of care. Proof of competency in the law, he says, may also prepare doctors for regulatory careers with the FDA, or for health policy work on Capitol Hill or at the Institutes of Medicine. “So I think it’s (the certificate) a very imaginative and creative idea,” says Sadler. “It’s an example of Michael Fitts’ larger umbrella idea of real interdisciplinary preparation for leadership, of using the law in multiple ways.”
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