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In Memoriam  


Percy R. Russell L’14
Bryant H. Williams L’27
John H. Bertolet L’31
Richard V. Zug L’32
Herbert G. Marvin C’29 L’33
Louis I. Parris L’33
John P. Lippincott L’34
Louis Posnak L’34
Victor L. Singer L’34
Theodore K. Warner C’31 L’34
George Guarneri L’39
Sherman D. Lavinson L’39
F.F. Troncelliti L’39
Morton E. Braude C’37 L’40
John Christian Decker L’40
Robert J. Peel C’39 L’42
Joe B. Griffith, Jr. L’43
Benjamin Coates L’46
Charles Sabin W’42 L’47
Henry T. Reath L’48
John H. Honywill L’50
John C. Garner L’53
Ellis H. McKay L’53
William B. Scatchard, Jr. L’53
Thomas J. Calnan, Jr. L’55
Louis C. Johanson C’51 L’56
Sir Ronald Wilson GL’57
Abe H. Frumkin L’59
Anthony G. Bateman L’65
Vincent A. Carbonar L’65
Paul Trickett Willis L’66
Ned Kase C’91, G’95, L’95

In the spring 2005 issue, we incorrectly included Lawrence Rothenberg L’65 on the In Memoriam list. Rothenberg attended his 40th Reunion in May and is in good health. We apologize for the error.