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Made For TV: Profiles
Van Toffler L'83 was raised in the 1960s, when it was terminally uncool to trust anyone over 30. Funny how things change. Today, this father of a nine-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son sits atop MTV, surrounded by legions of pierced twentysomethings, shaping the tastes of an entire generation weaned on rap and rock n' roll.

It helps, as he says half-facetiously, that his odometer is perpetually stuck two years shy of twenty-one. "My maturation process stopped at about 19. I think for me that was about as good as it gets, so I've never lost touch with my inner 19-year-old," says the president of MTV Networks Music/Films/Logo Group.

Call it irreversible adolescence. Shock rocker Alice Cooper made a bundle wailing about the perils of turning eighteen. So why shouldn't Van Toffler channel a 19-year-old in his quest to become, with apologies to Howard Stern, the King of all Media? You can just picture him agonizing over lost love on "The Real World," playing air guitar to the latest Green Day song in rotation, or trading barbs with Beavis.
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