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Made For TV: Profiles
Matthew Apfel L'90 rides a crest of words. He talks fast and thinks even faster, racing ahead with segues, patter, and show biz shorthand, a mirror of his restlessness and self-admitted short attention span.

Has there ever been a better marriage between career and medium? Apfel is made for television. Specifically, he's made for reality TV, which, in case you haven't noticed, has become a prime time juggernaut and high profit center for the networks.

Apfel saunters into the New York conference room of True Entertainment, where, as director of development, he hatches ideas for television shows, which he calls "the coolest job in the world." Dressed in an orange polo shirt and seersucker pants, he's the picture of anti-corporate, comfortable casual – and it's not even casual Friday.

Ask him what makes reality TV so compelling and a ratings winner and he replies, "train wreck." "I am convinced that people love reality because they want to see (other) people totally make jackasses of themselves on camera, and they want to hate them and laugh at them. But at the same time, they want to root for them and see them come through."
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