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Hands-On Human Rights Seminar Debuts
Federal Housing Act Focus of Sparer Symposium
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New Exchange Program with Japanese Law School
A NEW HUMAN RIGHTS SEMINAR debuted this year. Taught by Edward Rubin, Theodore K. Warner, Jr. Professor of Law, and Assistant Dean Susan Feathers, the seminar gave students many opportunities to gain practical experience in the field. For example, students created an advise and referral clinic with Amnesty International and Richard Atkins, Public Service program advisory board member. They also conducted legal research for the International Labor Defense Fund and assisted the Center for Constitutional Rights with case theory development on Alien Tort Claims Act lawsuits.

The seminar’s unique blend of theoretical readings and field work experience provided students with a rare opportunity to explore human rights jurisprudence in all of its dimensions: historical, sociological, philosophical and practical.

Federal Housing Act Focus of Sparer Symposium

THE 23RD ANNUAL Edward V. Sparer Symposium looked back and assessed the Housing and Community Development Act 30 years after its passage. Leading academics, government officials and urban planners explored this influential urban policy. Among the many presenters were Susan Wachter, Wharton Professor of Real Estate, Finance and City and Regional Planning; Dina Schlossberg, Penn Law clinical supervisor and lecturer; Audrey McFarlane, associate professor of law at University of Baltimore Law School, and Margalynne Armstrong, associate professor of law at Santa Clara University School of Law.
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