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In 1998, fifteen years after his graduation, Markind returned to Penn Law to get a copy of his transcript, which he needed to submit with his application to the New York State Bar. The minute he walked in the registrar’s office Gloria said hello and greeted him with a big hug. The summer associate who accompanied Markind was floored that she recognized him and was so helpful. He doubted if the registrar at his school, where he was still enrolled, would know who he is.

“Gloria did some great work on behalf of the Law School that day, and 15 years after I graduated she made me feel like a million bucks. You can’t ask for better than that. I, and the Law School, will miss her terribly,” said Markind.

As will Associate Dean for Student Affairs Gary Clinton, who supervised Gloria for twenty-two years. “I can’t imagine life without Gloria,” says Clinton, who agreed that she was the ultimate problem-solver. “She was the least bound by red tape of anybody I know. She figured out how to get things done.”

And what will Gloria miss? The staff, faculty, and especially, the students. “They’re fun and they’re smart,” says Gloria. “To my way of thinking, there is no greater reward than being acknowledged by students for some simple little thing you have done.”
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