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“In each of these roles, Gloria has touched the people with whom she has worked,” says Dean Michael A. Fitts. “Her dedication to students and faculty, her warmth and lively sense of humor, and her unwavering commitment to doing whatever is necessary to get the job done (including missions to remove pigeons from exam rooms) have made her an important and defining member of this community. Her presence will be missed.”

Gloria came to Penn Law as a green high school graduate. Penn had sent a job recruitment letter to her high school business teacher asking the educator to recommend students. She was seventeen years old when the Law School hired her for a position as a faculty secretary assigned to professors John Honnold and Paul Bruton. “At seventeen you’re just so unsure of everything,” recalls Watts, who managed to do well enough to gain steady promotions, culminating in her appointment as registrar in 1992.

Gloria’s replacement, Claire Wallace L’95, who spent a couple months as her understudy, marvels at the ease with which Gloria did her job. “I was constantly amazed with her knowledge and her ability to translate all of this information to me in way that is clear and organized … She was a model of excellence for this office and for the Law School — hard working, dedicated, and always ready to share a good laugh,” says Wallace. “She was tireless in her commitment.”
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