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She also knew how to be diplomatic. “People used to ask me, ‘Who was my favorite dean?’ And I used to say, ‘They were all totally different. They had different personalities and I liked every one of them,’ “ Isabelle professes.

Count Louis H. Pollak among the deans she enjoyed working for — even on weekends. Isabelle laughs when she remembers how, in warm weather, Pollak used to spread papers out in the courtyard to finish work he couldn’t get to during the week. “I used to think, ‘At least I’m getting some sun.’ “

Pollak’s memories of Isabelle are equally affectionate. “Of Isabelle’s many talents, those that are paramount are her humanity, her insight, her clear-eyed understanding of people’s strengths and weaknesses, her unfailing ability to draw the best out of everyone, her wise humor, and the unfailing honesty and decency with which she lives every aspect of her own life and which she expects in others,” Pollak says. “I count it a cherished privilege to have had Isabelle Johnston as a colleague and to continue to have her as a friend.”

In her early years at Penn Law, Isabelle used mimeograph machines to make copies, an electric typewriter to write correspondence, and appointment books to record deans’ schedules. Much has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same: Isabelle’s professionalism.

“The Law School, its educational mission, the students, the Dean and faculty, and the alumni are all the better for Isabelle’s remarkable years with the school,” Wolfman says. “Her mark on the school is indelible. She will have successors, but she will never be replaced.”
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