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“There was something in her manner that gave me the sense that she would be satisfactory,” says Wolfman. “Wow, did I underestimate Isabelle! ‘Satisfactory’ does not come close. She was superb — a courteous, thoughtful, and caring person with all the requisite skills, and with intelligence and tact and fine judgment.”

Just as ‘satisfactory’ does not describe Isabelle’s job perfomance, nor does
‘thoughtful’ and ‘caring’ adequately express her kindness. Recalling Isabelle’s
boundless compassion, Dean Diver dialed back to the day in 1995 when she put through a call from his wife, who told him his mother had died.

“I put down the phone and cried like a baby. In fifteen minutes, Isabelle had managed to console me, make travel arrangements for us to get to Boston, made a checklist of things for me to do, canceled my appointments for a week, notified friends, family, and colleagues, and generally put me back together and got me functioning again, “ Diver says.

“It was all in a day’s work for Isabelle, for whom nothing was too difficult or too easy, too mundane or too challenging — and for whom nothing was as important as keeping those with whom she worked happy.”
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