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In a dry run earlier in the year, albeit of a different case, Melissa came off as too combative. A panel of 3L students interrogated her. They tried to puncture her poise with constant interruptions and tough questions. She bridled at their questioning. Mindful of that experience, Melissa is determined to maintain a cool demeanor this time.

Melissa, her long blonde hair pulled back, begins to present her case. She carries herself with decorum and respect, spicing her presentation with “your honors.” However, not two minutes into it, the judges begin to probe. One judge wants to know why Melissa asserts that the case appears to be about constitutional issues but is not. Melissa scans her notes and parries.

More than an hour later, the fencing match is over. Relieved and ecstatic, Melissa goes home.

Her own assessment? “It’s hard to listen (to the judges) when you’re up there, because your mind is working so fast, there’s so many things you’re reminding yourself of. But overall I thought I did a good job.”

Melissa returns from winter break recharged. She vows to reassess her study habits. Maybe she will start outlining material earlier, or preparing note cards with key information for her one T in-class exam — although she readily admits that there is no foolproof way to beat the system.

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