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Through the Small Business Clinic, current Penn Law students can put Golkin’s wisdom into practice. For students interested in dealmaking, the Clinic, the first of its kind in the country, offers “a free opportunity and a safe environment to practice and experience being a lawyer,” says Dina Schlossberg, Practice Associate Professor of Law. Under Schlossberg’s guidance, students learn the dynamics of a deal: managing real estate transactions, loan transactions, and transfers of assets. They have helped mom-and-pop shops with contracts and advised a Philadelphia-area wedding planner on trademark and franchise issues.

Another Penn Law advantage for young dealmakers is the school’s close ties to the Delaware courts. Penn Law sends a steady stream of students to the Delaware Court of Chancery to clerk for judges, including Vice Chancellor Leo E. Strine Jr., L’88. “When you’re put on this court in Delaware,” Strine says, “you realize it’s a very special trust. There’s a tradition. There’s an expectation.” He rules on takeovers, business disputes, and M&A issues — in cases such as IBP v. Tyson and Hollinger v. Black — on a court famous for its efficiency and the overwhelming percentage of business cases it hears. Among dealmaking lawyers, chancery court judges are known for their power to be “deal un-doers.” Explains Strine: “What we endeavor to do is operate at the business world’s speed, and you may not like the answer, but you will get an answer.”

In Strine’s view, who are good dealmaking lawyers? Ones who are thoughtful, who do their homework, appreciate the implications of legal doctrine, understand the human dynamics of dealmaking, and can assess the conflicts and risks to sagely advise the parties involved.
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