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Starting in December 2002, McKenzie worked closely with AFRT executives and board members to prepare for the IPO. He spent nearly two-thirds of his working hours on documentation, due diligence, and re-structuring corporate governance. From the outset, AFRT and its board chairman, legendary Wall Street dealmaker Lewis S. Ranieri, wanted to adhere to upcoming legislation on stricter procedures for financial controls, accounting standards, and corporate governance. While the legislation would take effect after the AFRT deal, company executives wanted to be ahead of the game.

“I worked very hard with a management team that was used to being a private company. I needed to help them understand and prepare for public disclosures to make the leap from being privately held and out of public scrutiny,” says McKenzie. “It was exciting to be involved in a project that we knew was going to be a big splash. . . . In dealmaking, you get a deep understanding of business and industry that is rare as a corporate lawyer, or any lawyer.”

Such a deep understanding is also intrinsic to private equity investors like Perry Golkin, W ‘74, WG ‘74, L ‘78, member of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR). He calls his career path “a Penn story.” As a Penn undergraduate, Golkin intended to be a corporate lawyer. He wanted a business background. While at Wharton, he submatriculated to earn a simultaneous MS in accounting. After graduation, he deferred his Penn Law admittance and worked for a year so he could become a CPA. While at Penn Law, he sat for his CPA exam and then taught accounting at Wharton to pay his law school expenses.
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