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Kenneth W. Gemmill Professor Of Law

Public Service Still Engages Kreimer
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IN ACADEMIC TERMS, Seth Kreimer traded up this year. He stepped down as associate dean but he assumed a new title - the Kenneth W. Gemmill Professor of Law.

The professorship rewards Kreimer for his twenty-three years of service to Penn Law, the only Law School for which he has ever worked. The appointment means a lot to him because he succeeds one of his academic heroes: Robert Gorman.

A role model to countless faculty members, Gorman was a seminal figure at Penn Law for more than three decades. He was a pioneering scholar in copyright and labor law, and was president of the American Association of University Professors, and of the Association of American Law Schools, as well as a member of the American Law Institute. Given Gorman’s stature, it’s easy to understand why Kreimer appreciates the opportunity to hold the same position.

“I have looked up to him for my entire academic career,” says Kreimer, who, when appointed, sent a note to Gorman expressing how grateful he was to stand in his company.

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