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Skeel, the S. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law, credits good timing for his media presence. His first book – Debts Dominion: A History of Bankruptcy Law in America – was published a month before the Enron scandal broke in 2001. When Enron filed for bankruptcy, the media sought his commentary. One day he got a call from Nightline and, after appearing on the program, he was in even greater demand. “There was a point in the summer of 2002 when I was getting a dozen calls a day,” says Skeel, adding that he is thankful that the pace of inquiries has slowed considerably since
Media Highlights

The media spotlight also shines on Persily quite often. An election law expert, Persily, assistant professor of law, was a commentator for MSNBC on the California recall of Gov. Gray Davis, and has been quoted on the enemy combatant and pledge of allegiance cases before the Supreme Court.

He views his media work as an extension of his job as an academic. “I think it is valuable to participate in the debates that matter to the country,” he says. “For me, part of being a law professor is to try to engage public opinion and not to limit my teaching to the classroom.”

Both Skeel and Persily could grace the news pages in the coming weeks. Skeel has a new book – Icarus in the Boardroom: The Fundamental Flaws in Corporate America And Where They Came From – ready for publication, while Persily is poised to comment if voting irregularities occur in the presidential election.

Meanwhile, Burbank, to his relief, can return to the quieter pursuits of teaching and writing. Of his brief fling in the media spotlight, Burbank says: “I didn’t find it terribly enjoyable.”
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