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On the flip side, what happens in Japan’s Nikkei Index or on the London Stock Exchange ripples through the market, affecting business decisions everywhere. Combine these realities with fading distinctions between Civil and Common Law systems and it’s easy to see why the future promises to bring more international students here and to raise Americans’ interest in international law.

Preparing for that not-so-distant future, Penn Law is working on an agreement with Waseda University School of Law, a top-rated institution in Tokyo, to begin a new exchange program. Discussions are also under way with another European school, and deLisle would not be surprised if Penn Law someday forms an alliance with a school in China. Fitts foresees adding an expert in Public International Law to the faculty, as the Law School continues to seek scholars who teach American law courses but bring a global perspective to those courses. This fall, Edward T. Swaine, assistant professor of legal studies at Wharton, will be a visiting professor, teaching Public International Law and a seminar on Comparative and International Federalism.

“We already have a tremendous range of expertise,” Feldman says. “We will by design and necessity continue to increase the range of course offerings, both because we think it’s important and as a response to what students want.”

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