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Nicholas F. Gallichio Professor of Law

Edwin BakerBaker regularly participates in the seminar on Critical Philosophy and Social Science held annually in Prague. During the last half dozen years, he has spoken on media policy at international conferences in Vancouver, Oxford, Budapest, Haifa, Glasgow, and via videotape in Montreal. He prepared a report, which was published in Germany, for a comparative constitutional law conference on the subject of media concentration.This past year he prepared a report for the United Nations on free press principles and whether the U.N. should protect a Rwandan newspaper publisher charged with genocide and public incitement of genocide

David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice

Stephen BurbankBurbank has taught international civil litigation for more than a decade. During that period he has published a number of articles on that subject, comparative procedure and the role of treaties in the area of private international law. A member of the State Department study group that advises the American delegation to the Hague Conference on Private International Law in connection with a proposed treaty on jurisdiction and judgments, he presented a paper on aspects of the treaty at an international conference in Paris. The paper was published both in a book and in the American Journal of Comparative Law. A number of his suggestions for reform of U.S. law in that article are reflected in the current draft of a proposed federal statute on the recognition and enforcement of internationally foreign judgments under consideration by the American Law Institute. He is also an adviser to that project as well as a United States adviser to the ALI/UNIDROIT project on Principles and Rules of Transnational Civil Procedure. Since 1997, he has been a visiting faculty member at Goethe University, in Frankfurt, Germany; the University of Pavia, in Italy; and the University of Urbino, also in Italy.

Professor of Law

Howard ChangChang focuses on the impact of international trade on environmental policy. He has written a series of articles defending the use of trade restrictions that promote protection of the global environment, as a matter of not only legal doctrine but also economic policy. His first article in this series was originally published in the Georgetown Law Journal, then reprinted and excerpted in other law publications. He has also analyzed labor migration from the international trade perspective, proposing that nations reduce legal barriers to labor migration as part of their negotiations to remove other trade barriers. His work in this line of research has appeared in several publications including the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

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