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The following 70 individuals have participated in the
Legal Oral History Project as subjects of interviews and research.

    The Hon. Arlin Adams L47
    Azizah Y. al-Hibri L85
    Professor Anita Allen-Castellitto
    Professor Regina Austin L73
    Clinton Bamberger, Honorary Fellow
    The Hon. Harvey Bartle III L65
    Judith Bernstein-Baker SW75
    Allen Black L66
    Fred Blume L66
    William Brown L55
    Frank Carano C30, L33
    Gilbert F. Casellas L77
    Manlin Chee, Honorary Fellow
    Professor Fernando Chang-Muy
    David L. Cohen L81
    Lita Cohen CW62, L65
    Rhonda Copelon, Honorary Fellow
    Edward Cutler C34, L37
    The Hon. Stewart Dalzell W65, L69
    Andre Dennis, Honorary Fellow
    Rae DiBlasi
    Rudolf DiMassa L81
    Millard Farmer, Honorary Fellow
    Meyer Feldman, Honorary Fellow
    Professor Douglas Frenkel W68, L72
    Emeritus Professor Robert Gorman
    Daniel Greenberg, Honorary Fellow
    Kenneth W. Hansen L83
    Robert Hayes, Honorary Fellow
    Arnold Holland W71, L74
    The Hon. Randy J. Holland L72
    Emeritus Professor John Otis Honnold
    Emeritus Professor & Former Biddle
    Library Director Elizabeth S. Kelly
    William R. Klaus
    Ira Kurzban, Honorary Fellow
    Charlotte Lacroix L97
    Tsiwen Law L84
    Professor Alan Lerner W62, L65
    Professor Howard Lesnick
    Emeritus Professor A. Leo Levin L42
    Peter Liacouras L56
    Hans Loeser, Honorary Fellow
    Arthur Makadon L67
    Donald Millinger L79
    Dean Robert Mundheim
    The Hon. Robert Nix L53
    Dean, The Hon. Louis Pollak
    The Hon. Deborah Poritz L77
    Sherrie Raiken
    Henry Reath L48
    Adjunct Lecturer Harry Reicher
    Leslie Reid-Price
    Professor Curtis Reitz C51, L56
    Cruz Reynoso, Honorary Fellow
    Mary Catherine Roper L93
    Eli Rosenbaum W76, WG77
    David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow
    The Hon. Norma Shapiro L51
    Jerome Shestak, Honorary Fellow
    Morris Shuster W51, L54
    Professor David Skeel
    The Hon. Dolores Sloviter L56
    Professor Clyde Summers
    Myles Tanenbaum C52, L57
    Bruce Terris, Honorary Fellow
    Robert Toll L66
    Michele Tuck-Ponder L83
    The Hon. E. Norman Veasey L57
    The Hon. Flora Barth Wolf L80

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