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Close to Reitz's heart is The Glen Mills Schools. Founded in 1826, located 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia, it is the oldest existing residential school for court-referred young men in the country. On the Board of Managers since 1971, Reitz speaks proudly of the schools' mission and its students. "My wife says, 'Don't get him started on Glen Mills - he will never stop,'" says Reitz. "We have amazing success in turning these kids around."

Reitz has also been a member of the Committee of Seventy, a non-profit, nonpartisan political watchdog group in Philadelphia, for 20 years.

With no plans to retire, Reitz continuously rejuvenates his knowledge of the law. As Reitz said in his oral history: "...I am always thinking about the future. Almost never about the past. What are we going to do next? What are we going to do about this? How are wegoing to solve that? Trying to solve problems, trying to do something to make the environment of the world a somewhat better place. Keep plugging away."

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