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Steven H. Temares L'83
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Soon after arriving at Bed Bath & Beyond Temares moved into the executive ranks himself. “In 1995 I was put on the operating committee. I was responsible for the administrative end of business from real estate to finance – all but merchandising and store operations. Today I’m on the Board of Directors.”

Temares credits his law school education with teaching him how to think systematically and logically. He recalls his classmates helping him learn how to think like a lawyer. Possessing a trained intellect from legal studies and a head for business development serves Temares well. At the present he just oversaw the company’s acquisition of a health and beauty care company – a decision that has garnered the enthusiasm of his three daughters.

“I thought law school would give me a good education,” he says. “I thought it would afford me more opportunities.” But one senses that it’s not only his education but also Temares’ enthusiasm for the next expansion, for the next acquisition, that makes his success in the business seem so inevitable. 

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