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The Hon. Frederica A. Massiah-Jackson L'74
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“My clerkship and my Blank Rome work helped me as a trial judge. I sat for 18 years on the bench analyzing cases and reading briefs. I learned how other lawyers think. My work in the Senate, mostly legislative work, prepared me for work as President Judge. Administrative work involves dealing with people and competing needs. As an administrator I want cases to keep moving and my staff to be happy with their work. A lot of a judge’s work is done in isolation so I try to bring the judges together as a group to make it less so.”

After 20 years on the bench Massiah-Jackson remains enrapt by the ideals of government and public service that inspired her to enter the profession. “As John Locke wrote our rights are unalienable,” she emphasizes. “But we have to balance our rights with the responsibilities of paying and taxes and being part of society. I’m fascinated by this interplay.” 

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