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R. Polk Wagner, Assistant Professor of Law, has undertaken an empirical study of the Federal Circuit’s patent claim construction methodology, and an analysis of contemporary control-based criticisms of intellectual property laws.

  • “Grading the Federal Circuit: Claim Construction after Markman” (In progress)
  • “Information Wants to be Free: Intellectual Property and the Mythologies of Control” (In progress)
  • “Reconsidering Estoppel: Patent Administration & the Failure of Festo,” 151 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (Forthcoming 2002).
  • “Realspace Sovereigns in Cyberspace: Problems with the ACPA,” co-authored with Catherine Struve, 17 Berkeley Tech. L. J. (Forthcoming 2002).
  • “(Mostly) Against Exceptionalism,” in Proceedings of The Intellectual Property Colloquium, The Washington University Conference Series on Law & The Human Genome Project (Forthcoming 2002)

Amy L. Wax, Professor of Law, presented a paper at a conference on disability rights and the Bill of Rights at William and Mary Law School in November 2001. Also, she presented papers on basic income and disability legislation to the economics department and the law school at Washington University in St. Louis in February 2001. In March 2001 she presented a paper on welfare work requirements and liberal theory at a conference on basic guaranteed income at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center and also to the philosophy colloquium at CUNY.

  • “The End of Evolutionary Psychology: Group Selection and Sex Selection in Law and Policy,” (In progress)
  • “Something for Nothing: The Liberal Case Against Welfare Work Requirements,” (In progress)
  • Rearing the Next Generation: A View from the Economics of Public Finance, co-author Anne Alstott, (Forthcoming 2002)
  • A Reciprocal Welfare Program (Olin Foundation Essay), Virginia Journal of Social Policy and Law (2001)
  • “Rethinking Welfare Rights: Reciprocity Norms, Reactive Attitudes and the Political Economy of Welfare Reform,” 63 Law & Contemporary Problems 257 (2000)
  • “Expressive Law and Oppressive Norms,” 86 Virginia Law Review 1731 (2000)

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