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Edward B. Rock L’83, Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law, continues as Co-Director of the Institute for Law and Economics (ILE) with Michael L. Wachter. They organized a two-day international conference on “Norms and Corporate Law” which explored the relationship between law and non-legally enforceable norms in the governance of business organizations. He was an invited commentator at an April 2001 conference on the “Role of Judges in Corporate and Securities Law” at the University of Michigan Law School.

  • “Dangerous Liaisons: Corporate Law, Trust Law, and Interdoctrinal Legal Transplants,” co-author Michael L. Wachter, 96 Northwestern University Law Review 651 (2002)
  • “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pill: Takeover Law and Adaptive Behavior,” co-author Marcel Kahan, University of Chicago Law Review (2002)
  • “Islands of Conscious Power: Law, Norms and the Self Governing Corporation,” co-author Michael L. Wachter, Symposium: Norms and Corporate Law 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1619 ( 2001). Also published in 44 Corporate Practice Commentator, 115 (2002)
  • “Meeting by Signals, Playing by Norms: Complementary Accounts of Nonlegal Cooperation in Institutions,” coauthor Michael L. Wachter, 36 University of Richmond Law Review 423 (2002)
  • “Securities Regulation as Lobster Trap: A Credible Commitment Theory of Mandatory Disclosure,” 23 Cardozo Law Review 675 (2002)
  • “Greenhorns, Yankees and Cosmopolitans: Venture Capital, IPOs, Foreign Firms & U.S. Markets,” 2 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 711 (2001)
  • “Introduction,” co-author Michael L. Wachter, Symposium: Norms and Corporate Law, 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2001)
  • “Encountering the Scarlet Woman of Wall Street: Speculative Comments at the End of the Century,” 2 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 237 (2000)
  • “Fiduciary Duty, Limited Liability, and the Law of Delaware: Corporate Law as a Facilitator of Self Governance,” co-author Michael L. Wachter, 34 Georgia Law Review 529 (2000)
  • “Waiting for the Omelet to Set: Match-Specific Asset and Minority Oppression in the Close Corporation,” coauthor Michael L. Wachter, in Concentrated Corporate Ownership, ed. Randall Morck (NBER/University of Chicago Press, 1999); reprinted in 24 Journal of Corporation Law 913 (1999) and Corporate Practice Commentator (2000)

Edward L. Rubin, Professor of Law

  • “Getting Past Democracy,” 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 711 (2001)
  • “The Inevitability of Rehabilitation,” 19 Minnesota Journal of Law & Inequality 343 (2001)
  • “Legal Scholarship,” in The International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Pergamon, 2001) “Puppy Federalism and the Blessings of America,” 574 Annals 37 (2001)
  • “Responsive Law and the Judicial Process,” co-author Malcolm Feeley, in Legality in Institutions and Society: Essays in Honor of Philip Selznick, eds. Kenneth Winston & Robert Post (University of California Press, 2001)
  • “The New Legal Process Movement and the Limits of Law” (Book Review), 3 Jurist 7 (online journal at jurist.law.pitt.edu) (October, 2000)
  • “Scholars, Judges and Phenomenology: Comments Ontamanaha’s Realistic Social-Legal Theory” Symposium: Law, Social Science, and Pragmatism, 32 Camden-Rutgers Law Journal 241 (2000)
  • “Types of Contracts, Interventions of Law,” 45 The Wayne Law Review 1903 (2000)
  • “XML and the Legal Foundations for Electronic Commerce: Computer Language as Networks and Power Structures: Governing the Development of XML,” 53 Southern Methodist University Law Review 1447 (2000)

David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow

  • “Law Enforcement by Stereotypes and Serendipity: Racial Profiling and Stops and Searches Without Cause,” 3 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 296 (2001)
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure: Law, Commentary and Forms (West Group, 2001)
  • The Law of Arrest, Search and Seizure in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Bar Institute Press, 2001)
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