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Friedrich Kübler, Professor of Law, will present “Law and Finance Stability” to the German Central Bank’s conference on Institutional Framework Conditions for a Stable Currency in Frankfurt in December 2002. In May 2002, Kübler delivered the keynote address, “Media and Political Correctness vis-à-vis Terrorism: A Danger for Democratic Standards?” to the German Congressional conference on Media, Conflict and Terrorism, held in Bonn. He also presented “Justification of Media Regulation” to a media law conference in Rendsburg, Germany in April. In October 2001, he presented a paper on deregulation to a symposium discussing the reform of German corporate law. Kübler presented the general report on “The Control of Media Concentration” to a Conference of the German Association of Comparative Law in September 2001. He also presented a paper on the “Organization of Global Financial Markets” to the International Seminar on New Institutional Economics. He organized and cochaired the 11th Multinational Banking Seminar, bringing together executives of major financial institutions and financial markets regulators from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. He continues to serve on the (German) Commission for the Control of Media Concentration and as a member of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee. In the Fall 2001 term, Kübler taught International Finance and European Union Law.

  • “Der CEO: ein Fremdkörper im deutschen Recht?” 57 Betriebsberater No. 12 (2002)
  • “The Organization of Global Financial Markets,” 158 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 5 ff. (2002)
  • “Derecho de Sociedades,” 5 a edición revisada y amplisada, 772 pages.
  • “The Impact of Equity Markets on Business Organization: Some Comparative Observations Regarding Differences in the Evolution of Corporate Structures,” 2 European Business Organization Law Review 669 ff. (2001)
  • “Beteiligte und Betroffene einer Unternehmensübernahme: Schutzinteresse und Pflichtbindungen,” in: Semler/Volhard, Arbeitshandbuch für Unternehmensübernahmen (2001), 75 ff.
  • “Europäische Integration aus dem Geist des Privatrechts,“ Forschung Frankfurt Vol. 4 (2001) 69 ff.
  • “Lüth: eine Sanfte Revolution” (BverfGE 7, 198 ff.), Kritische Vierteljahresschrift für Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft (2001), pp. 313

Alan M. Lerner, Practice Professor of Law, launched the Child Advocacy Clinic in Academic Year 2001-2002 (see article in Symposium section, page 10). He co-led three small group sessions discussing various aspects of scholarship for clinical law teachers at the annual meeting of the AALS Section on Clinical Law Teaching, held in Montreal in May 2001. At the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Annual Public Interest Law Day in June, Lerner joined Terry Fromson, Executive Director of the Women’s Law Project, and Professor Louis Rulli in a panel discussion regarding changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and the Federal Rules of Evidence, and their impact on the practice of public interest lawyers.

Howard B. Lesnick, Jefferson B. Fordham Professor of Law

  • The Moral Stake in Education: Contested Premises and Practices (co-author Joan F. Goodman) (Allyn and Bacon, 2000)
  • “Personal Fulfillment in the Changing World of Law Practice: Opportunities and Obstacles,” 72 Temple Law Review 101 (2000)
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