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Michael S. Knoll, Professor of Law and Real Estate, presented “A Theory of Tax Planning” at the NYU Tax Colloquium in April 2002. In March, he served as commentator at the University of Pennsylvania Law School conference Preferences and Rational Choice: New Perspectives and Legal Implications. Knoll participated in the Berkeley Tax Conference: International Seminar in Public Economics Conference on Income Taxation and Financial Innovation in December 2001, where he presented “The Tax Efficiency of Employee Stock Options.” In the Fall semester he gave a talk at Income Taxation and Financial Innovation, a conference sponsored by the International Seminar in Public Economics at U.C. Berkeley. In May 2001, before the Philadelphia Financial Analysts Association, he spoke on the prospects for tax reform and their likely impact upon the U.S. economy. He served as a member of the Academic Advisory Committee to United States Congress Joint Committee on Taxation in connection with its project to produce a detailed study of complexity in the tax law and possibilities for its simplification. Knoll taught Accounting and Finance for Nonfinancial Managers, and Mergers and Acquisitions for Wharton’s Executive Education Program.

  • “Adjusting Taxes for Differences in Regional Living Costs and Amenities,” co-author Tom Griffith, Harvard Law Review (Forthcoming)
  • “Put-Call Parity and the Law,” Cardozo Law Review (Forthcoming)
  • “Socially Responsible Investment and Modern Financial Markets,” 57 The Business Lawyer 681 (2002)
  • “Tax Planning, Effective Tax Rates and the Structure of the Income Tax,” 54 Tax Law Review 555 (2001)
  • “Tax Planning: Effective Marginal Tax Rates and the Structure of the Income Tax,” Tax Law Review (2001)
  • “The Economic and Policy Implications of Repealing the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax,” The Tax Foundation (2001)
  • “The Importance of Eliminating the Corporation AMT,” The Tax Foundation (2001)
  • “Corporate Law, Corporate Finance, and Finance Theory,” co-author Peter H. Huang, 74 Southern California Law Review 175 (2000)
  • “Of Fruits and Trees: The Relationship Between Income and Wealth Taxes,” 53 Tax Law 587 (2000)

Seth F. Kreimer, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, delivered “Technologies of Protest: Insurgent Social Movements and the First Amendment in the Era of the Internet” at the 20th Annual Edward V. Sparer Conference on Social Movements and Law Reform at Penn Law School in March 2001. Kreimer served as co-counsel with the Women’s Law Project and the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy in Ferguson v. City of Charleston 121 S. Ct. 1281 (2001), which reversed the Fourth Circuit, and held a decision by a municipal hospital, in consultation with local police, to subject pregnant women to involuntary drug tests and to forward positive results to prosecutors, violated the Fourth Amendment. At the request of the Women’s Law Project, Kreimer authored an amicus brief for In Adoption of RBF and RCF (67 MDa99 Pa. Super 2000) in which a threejudge panel of the Superior Court, by a vote of 2-1 rejected the claims of a lesbian couple who sought to jointly adopt the biological children of one of the partners. The Superior Court granted rehearing en banc before which he argued the case in June 2001.

  • “Lines in the Sand: The Importance of Boundaries in American Federalism,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2001)
  • “Technologies of Protest; Insurgent Social Movements and the First Amendment in the Era of the Internet,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2001)
  • “Federalism and Freedom,” 574 Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Sciences 66 (2001)
Seth Kreimer has been appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, a two-year assignment in which a faculty member works side-by-side with the Dean. In making the announcement, Dean Fitts stated, “As we all know, Seth has been a highly valued member of the Penn Law community for a number of years. He is not only one of the strongest teachers in the University, but one of the most incisive intellects as well. Seth is also widely regarded for his wise judgment and his personal openness.”
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