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Sarah Barringer Gordon, Professor of Law and History, was a guest on National Public Radio stations in Salt Lake City and in Philadelphia in the Spring to discuss her book The Mormon Question.

  • “Law and Everyday Death: Infanticide and the Backlash Against Women’s Rights After the Civil War,” in Lives in Law (University of Michigan Press, Forthcoming 2002)
  • The Mormon Question: Polygamy and Constitutional Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America (Legal History Series), (University of North Carolina Press, 2001)
  • “Blasphemy and the Law of Religious Liberty in Nineteenth- Century America,” 52 American Quarterly 4, (2000)

Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., Trustee Professor of Law, lectured on ethics to law firms and to lawyers specializing in estate planning. He has served as an expert witness in matters of professional ethics in several major lawsuits. In May 2001 he and his colleagues presented a revision of a proposed code of civil procedure for international commercial disputes to the American Law Institute. The revision was also presented this past summer to an advisory committee of UNIDROIT (International Organization for Unification of Private Law) at a weeklong meeting in Rome. Hazard serves on the American Bar Association’s Special Commission to Review Rules of Professional Conduct. He is frequently quoted on the subject of legal ethics in national legal publications and major international newspapers.

Peter H. Huang, Assistant Professor of Law, presented “Enron and Employee Investing Norms,” at the Law and Society annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also presented “Implications of Guilt and Pride for Securities Regulation,” at Rutgers University Law School; “Emotional, Moral, and Psychological Aspects of Regulating Securities Professionals as Fiduciaries,” at the Preferences and Rationality Symposium at Penn Law; “Affective Bargaining,” at the Behavioral Law and Economics Seminar, University of Michigan Law School; “Regulating Securities Professionals: Emotional and Moral Aspects of Fiduciary Investing,” at the University of Chicago Law School; “Anticipatory Emotions and Securities Regulation,” at the University of Iowa Law School; “Emotional Investing and Securities Regulation,” at the Law and Society Annual Meetings in Budapest, Hungary; “Emotions in Fiduciary Organizations & Regulating Securities Professionals,” at the USC/Cal Tech conference on Behavioral Economics, Organization & Law; and “Emotions in Human Behavior: Family Law and Securities Regulation Implications,” at the Behavioral Law & Economics panel, and American Law and Economics Association annual meetings.

  • “Legal Implications of Guilt and Pride for Securities Regulation,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review (Forthcoming)
  • “International Environmental Law and Emotional Rational Choice,” Journal of Legal Studies (Forthcoming)
  • “International Environmental Law and Emotional Rational Choice,” Symposium: Rational Choice and International Law, University of Chicago Journal of Legal Studies (Forthcoming 2002)
  • “Securities Price Risks and Financial Derivatives,” 21 (3) Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business (2001)
  • “Derivatives on TV: A Tale of Two Derivatives Debacles in Prime-Time,” co-author Kim Krawiec and Frank Partnoy, 4 Green Bag 2d. 257 (2001); excerpted and reprinted as “A Tale of Two Derivative Debacles on Prime- Time TV,” 12 Derivatives Report 15 (2001)
  • “Teaching Corporate Law From an Options Perspective,” Symposium: Teaching Corporate Law, 34 University of Georgia Law Review 571 (2000); excerpted and reprinted as Corporate Finance: An Options Prospective, 10 Derivatives Report 17 (2001)
  • “Corporate Finance, Corporate Law and Finance Theory,” co-author Michael S. Knoll, 74 Southern California Law Review 175 (2000)
  • “Reasons Within Passions: Emotions and Intentions in Property Rights Bargaining,” Symposium: New and Critical Approaches to Law and Economics, 79 Oregon Law Review 435 (2000)
  • “Still Preying on Strategic Reputation Models of Predation: A Review of John R. Lott, Jr. ‘Are Predatory Commitments Credible? Who Should the Courts Believe?’” 3 Green Bag 2d. 437 (2000)
  • “A Normative Analysis of New Financially Engineered Derivatives,” 73 Southern California Law Review 471 (2000); reprinted in 12 Derivatives Report 13 (2000) and reprinted in 33 Securities Law Review 637 (2001)
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