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Regina Austin, William A. Schnader Professor of Law, presented “Tort Damages and Black People’s Money” at Penn Law’s Faculty Retreat in September 2000. The paper is one of a series of articles exploring why African Americans’ money is worth less than that of other ethnic groups. Professor Austin also presented her paper, “Disparate Impact Analysis and the Economic Disenfranchisement of Minority Ex-Offenders,” at the University of Pennsylvania Seminar on Racial Statistics and Public Policy.

  • “Bad for Business: Contextual Analysis, Race Discrimination, and Fast Food,” 34 John Marshall Law Review 207 (2000)
The Feminist Working Group and the Law School co-hosted the first Feminists of Penn Law Reception and Dinner in April. The purpose of the evening was to honor those people dedicated to advocating for the rights of women and girls. The 2002, and inaugural, honoree was Professor Regina Austin L’73 who was recognized for her commitment to feminism at Penn Law School. Twice the number of expected attendees showed up for the event which took place in the Levy Conference Room in Silverman Hall.

C. Edwin Baker, Nicholas F. Gallichio Professor of Law, presented “Media and Democratic Theory” at the Law & Society Conference in Budapest, Hungary in July 2001; he delivered “Foundations of Libertarian Socialism” at the Seminar on Philosophy and Social Science in Prague, Czech Republic where he also was a commentator on “Scheuerman, Liberal Democracy and the Empire of Speed.” At the Copyright Law as Communication Policy Symposium at Cardozo Law School in April 2001, Baker was a panelist for the discussion “Copyright and the First Amendment.” In February 2001, as a guest, he led the Bernard Williams and Robert Post Seminar on Free Speech in Berkeley, California where he presented “Speech and Harm.” He spoke on “International Free Trade in Media Products” at NYU Law School’s Innovation Policy Colloquium. He delivered “The Descriptive and Normative Failure of Equal Protection Scrutiny Analysis” as the keynote speech for Penn Law’s Symposium on Equal Protection after the Rational Basis Era. Baker presented “The First Amendment and Arts Funding” at a Conference on Art and Freedom of Expression at the American Craft Museum in New York in January.

  • “International Trade in Media Products,” in The Commodification of Information: Political, Social, and Cultural Ramifications, eds. Neil Netanel, et al. (Forthcoming 2002).
  • “Implications of Rival Visions of Electoral Campaigns,” in Mediated Politics: Communication in the Future of Democracy, eds. Lance Bennett and Robert Entman (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
  • “Injustice and the Normative Nature of Meaning,” 60 Maryland Law Review (2001)
  • Media, Markets, and Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
  • “An Economic Critique of Free Trade in Media Products,” 78 North Carolina Law Review 1357 (2000)
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