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To the Penn Law School Community:

Among the privileges the Dean of Penn Law School enjoys is the opportunity to meet many very interesting graduates of the school. Over the past couple of years I've traveled between New York and Philadelphia, to Boston, Washington, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to introduce myself to you and share with you news from the Law School campus.

In these visits I've learned a great deal about the breadth of your work which is pursued in fields related to, but more frequently beyond, the legal profession. It reaffirms Penn's philosophy to train students intellectually in preparation for careers in the 21st Century that may follow paths that they can't even imagine today.

In this issue of the Penn Law Journal we introduce you to seven such graduates whom I've had the good fortune to learn about in recent years. Each has taken the intellectual training they received here and applied it to challenging careers in diverse professions.

In news from the Law School, upon the anniversary of his 45th year at Penn Law we reintroduce you to a teacher that I estimate thousands of students have come to know since the 1950s - Curtis Reitz. Curtis is considered one of the pre-eminent commercial law teachers in legal academia. Penn has surely benefited from his long tenure here.

Feel free to keep in touch with Penn. I look forward to continually hearing about your achievements and news.

- Michael A. Fitts, Dean