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Debt’s Dominion: A History of Bankruptcy Law in America, an excerpt from a new book by Prof. David A. Skeel, Jr.

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Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr.

Professor Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Trustee Professor of Law is internationally renowned as an expert in legal ethics. He writes a weekly column on professional ethics for the National Law Journal and is regularly called on by the media to make sense of moral and ethical questions that arise in the practice and delivery of legal services. Hazard teaches “Comparative Professional Ethics” at the Law School.

In 2000 Professor Howard Lesnick Jefferson B. Fordham Professor of Law, a longstanding member of the Law School’s faculty, published The Moral Stake in Education: Contested Premises and Practices (2000, Allyn and Bacon), co-written with Penn education professor Joan Goodman. The book looks at how schools can encourage students to become moral citizens from grade school on up. Lesnick teaches “Individual Choice and Responsibility in Law Practice” and “Legal Responses to Inequality” at the Law School.

Claire Finkelstein

With the addition of Professor of Law Claire Finkelstein this year, the Institute for Law and Philosophy expands its faculty. In the Fall semester, Finkelstein will teach the seminar “Theory of Rights,” which introduces students to the basic ideas of rights theory and explores applications of that theory in moral, political, and legal contexts, that is, issues that question animal rights, rights of the unborn, and the right to die, for example.

Practice Professor
Douglas N. Frenkel

As Director of the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies, Professor Douglas N. Frenkel supervises the Mediation Clinic which has grown in popularity over recent years, especially with an influx of foreign LL.M. students who, through word of mouth from their compatriots, wish to study this uniquely American evolution in justice. Frenkel’s recent presentations to professional audiences include “Mediating Physician-Patient Disputes” to the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society in Philadelphia, and “Emerging Ethical Issues for Neutrals and Advocates in Mediation” to the American Arbitration Association.

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