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As a component of the first of the University’s academic priorities, Life Science, Technology and Policy, we aspire to develop the foremost interdisciplinary program in law and medicine.

Strategic Plan of the
University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1997

A key component of this priority is its emphasis on health policy, health services, and society. This offers great potential for the future, particularly as we move to a managed care environment that places ever-greater emphasis on health economics, communications and information flow, and law.

Among the most promising and far-reaching initiatives that Penn Law School has undertaken since 1997 has been in the area of health law and policy. Much that has been achieved has grown from the successful alliances the Law School has made with outstanding institutions long established at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, with the arrival of new faculty at the Law School this academic year, the collective expertise offered is impressive. On the horizon, Penn Law envisions establishing an Institute in Law and Health Policy that would offer pre-eminent symposia, roundtables and lectures at the Law School.

Three new faculty with an expertise in health law who joined the Law School this year are Assistant Professor Eric A. Feldman, a scholar of comparative health law who joins Penn Law from NYU Law School; Assistant Professor Kristin M. Madison, a specialist in health economics; and Assistant Professor Arti K. Rai, a scholar in health care regulation and intellectual property who joins Penn Law from the University of San Diego Law School. (See full profiles of each in Faculty Notes & Publications, pages 2 and 3).

Professor Anita

Coursework offered recently at the Law School in the area of Health Sciences includes the following: “Bioethics and the Law” taught by Professor Anita Allen-Castellitto; a yearlong seminar in “Biotechnology and the Law” co-taught by Professors Colin S. Diver Charles A. Heimbold Jr. Professor of Law and Edward L. Rubin; “Health Care Regulation and Allocation” taught by Professor Arti K. Rai; and last year’s seminar “Education for the Professions: The Intersection of Law, Medicine and Social Work” taught by Professor Barbara Bennett Woodhouse.

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