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Andrew C. von S. Smith

The current faculty advisors to the journal are professors Matthew Adler and Kim Lane Scheppele. Editor-in-Chief Andrew C. von S. Smith speaks with enthusiasm about the evolution of the Con Law Journal.

“One very exciting development in the Journal is our recent decision to publish four issues in the upcoming volume, as opposed to three as has been our practice in the past,” Smith reports. “The movement to a quarterly publication is a reflection of our confidence in the Journal’s ever-growing academic audience and is the direct result of a marked increase in scholarly submissions over the past few years. From Volume 2 to Volume 3, submissions for publication more than doubled, and submission numbers for Volume 4 have already shown a similar increase.”

He notes that the Con Law Journal “is the only constitutional law journal in the Ivy League, and one of very few nationwide, which as a practical matter means we receive and publish the work of some of the most prominent constitutional law scholars from all over the world.”

“The Journal has been well received by students because the breadth of issues falling under the gambit of constitutional law is so large,” Smith says. “Students are attracted to both the freedom of potential comment topics this entails and also the diverse nature of the works they will be editing as Associate Editors.”

The alliance that will offer opportunities without bound to the Law School is with the National Constitution Center (NCC) based in Philadelphia. Congress established the NCC in 1988 to increase awareness and understanding of the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution’s history, and the Constitution’s relevance to our daily lives.

The Constitution Center will bring scholars to Philadelphia for sustained interaction with the law school, as well as for important lectures and debates.

In January 1997, under the direction of University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin, the NCC and Penn forged a partnership to promote NCC’s educational mission. Since that time, a strong and mutually beneficial partnership has emerged. Professors from different departments of Penn are helping to conceptualize NCC’s role as an educational organization, helping create the Center’s programs and working on plans for the NCC’s museum. The Law School plans to house the Fellows of the National Constitution Center and two of these scholars will teach courses at the school each year.

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