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JACQUES DELISLE Professor of Law made the following presentations for the Foreign Policy Research Institute: “Humanitarian Intervention: Legal, Moral and Political Questions,” and “Of Bureaucrats and Browsers in Beijing: How Administrative Law Reform, WTO Accession and the Growth of the Internet are Shaping the Next Stage of Legal and Political Change in China.” As a Freeman Foundation fellow at the Salzburg Seminar, he presented “Globalization and its Discontents: The United States’ Role in East Asia and the Turn to Markets, Democracy and the Rule of Law.” DeLisle presented “Chasing the God of Wealth and Evading the Goddess of Democracy: Development, Democracy and Law in China” at the International Political Science Association XVIII World Congress meeting in Quebec, and “The United States Rule of Law Initiative in China: The Clinton-Era Project in Comparative Perspective” at Harvard Law School in June. He presented a paper on “Assessing the PRC’s International Legal Claim to Sovereignty over Taiwan” at the National Committee on United States-China Relations conference on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Taiwan Strait: Defining America’s Role” in July 2000. He made presentations for the Asia Foundation “Rule of Law” in China Project on Administrative Law, in Dalian, China in July 2000, at the Conference on Russian Economic Law Reform at the Russian American Institute for Law and Economics in Vatutinki, Russia in September 2000 and in the Social Sciences Colloquium at Penn’s Center for East Asian Studies in April 2001. Professor deLisle also lectured on “China’s Political Development: The Road to the Reform Era” and “The PRC’s Changing Approach to Foreign Relations” at the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Aveiro in Portugal in January and June 2001. Finally, he presented a paper on “Altered States and Dire Straits: China, Peripheral China and International Legal Personality” at the American Society of International Law Annual Meeting in April 2001. Several of deLisle’s essays were published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute (and some republished in Asian affairs periodicals), including: “Politics, Law and Resentment on the China Coast;” “U.S. Policy Toward Taiwan: Sustaining the Status Quo;” “The Election, Sausages and Foreign Policy;” and “Foreign Affairs, Federalism and Well-Meaning-Mischief: The Constitutional Infirmity of Massachusetts’s Burma Law.”
Humanitarian Intervention: Legality, Morality and the Good Samaritan, Orbis (Forthcoming 2001)

The Rule of Law and the Roles of Law in China (review essay of “The Limits of the Rule of Law in China”), in Sino-Platonic Papers (Fall 2000)

China’s Approach to International Law: A Historical Perspective, 94 American Society of International Law Proceedings (Summer 2000)

COLIN S. DIVER Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Professor of Law was a panelist at the Conference on Law & Bioethics co-sponsored by Penn Law and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Bioethics.
Administrative Law: Cases and Materials, 4th edition, co-authored with Ronald Cass and Jack Beermann (Little Brown & Co., Forthcoming)

Genophobia: What Is Wrong with Genetic Discrimination? (co-author Jane Cohen), University of Pennsylvania Law Review (Forthcoming 2001)

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