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MICHAEL L. WACHTER William B. Johnson Professor of Law and Economics and Co-Director of the Institute for Law and Economics (ILE), organized, with co-director Professor Edward B. Rock, a Roundtable on Corporate Law at Penn Law School in the Spring. In addition, Wachter co-organized a Labor Law Roundtable with ILE board member Marshall Babson of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue. In December, under the auspices of the ILE, Wachter and Rock organized a major two-day conference on Norms and Corporate Law, a symposium on the relationship between law and non-legally enforceable norms in the governance of business organizations. Wachter and Rock’s paper, “Islands of Conscious Power: Law, Norms and the Self-Governing Corporation,” was one of thirteen papers presented at the symposium and slated for publication in a special issue of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, which co-sponsored the symposium.
Introduction (co-author Edward B. Rock) (Symposium): Norms and Corporate Law, 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (Forthcoming 2001)

Islands of Conscious Power: Law, Norms and the Self Governing Corporation (co-author Edward B. Rock) (Symposium): Norms and Corporate Law, 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (Forthcoming 2001)

Corporate Law as Facilitator of Self Governance (co-author Edward B. Rock), 34 Georgia Law Review (2000)

Difficulties in Deregulation When Wage Costs are the Major Cost (co-authors Barry T. Hirsch and James W. Gillula), in Future Directions in Postal Reform (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000)

Waiting for the Omelet to Set: Match-Specific Asset and Minority Oppression in the Close Corporation (co-author Edward B. Rock), in Concentrated Corporate Ownership, ed. Randall Morck (NBER/University of Chicago Press, 1999); reprinted in 24 Journal of Corporation Law 913 (1999) and Corporate Practice Commentator (2000)

AMY L. WAX Professor of Law
The End of Evolutionary Psychology: Group Selection and Sex Selection in Law and Policy (in progress)

Something for Nothing: The Liberal Case Against Welfare Work Requirements (in progress)

Rearing the Next Generation: A View from the Economics of Public Finance (Coursebook on Social Welfare Law and Policy) (co-author Anne Alstott) (Forthcoming 2002)

A Reciprocal Welfare Program (Olin Foundation Essay), Virginia Journal of Social Policy and Law (Forthcoming 2001)

Rethinking Welfare Rights: Reciprocity Norms, Reactive Attitudes and the Political Economy of Welfare Reform, 63 Law & Contemporary Problems 257 (Winter/Spring 2000)

Expressive Law and Oppressive Norms, 86 Virginia Law Review 1731 (November 2000)

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