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EDWARD B. ROCK L’83 was named the inaugural Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law in September, a chair established in honor of a 1978 graduate of the Law School. Rock, as Co-Director of the Institute for Law and Economics (ILE) with Michael L. Wachter, organized a two-day international conference on “Norms and Corporate Law” which explored the relationship between law and non-legally enforceable norms in the governance of business organizations. Over 100 scholars from around the world participated, as did nearly all of the members of the Delaware Supreme and Chancery Courts. Rock and Wachter’s paper, “Islands of Conscious Power” was presented at the symposium and, along with the other papers presented, will be published in the Spring 2001 symposium issue of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. Rock also presented “Islands of Conscious Power” at Harvard Law School and Vanderbilt Law School, and was an invited commentator at an April 2001 conference on the “Role of Judges in Corporate and Securities Law” at the University of Michigan Law School.
Greenhorns, Yankees and Cosmopolitans: Venture Capital, IPOs, Foreign Firms & U.S. Markets, Theoretical Inquiries in Law (Forthcoming 2001)

Introduction (co-author Michael L. Wachter), Symposium: Norms and Corporate Law, 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2001)

Islands of Conscious Power: Law, Norms and the Self Governing Corporation (co-author Michael L. Wachter), Symposium: Norms and Corporate Law 149 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2001)

Encountering the Scarlet Woman of Wall Street: Speculative Comments at the End of the Century, 2 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 237 (2000)

Fiduciary Duty, Limited Liability, and the Law of Delaware: Corporate Law as a Facilitator of Self Governance (co-author Michael L. Wachter), 34 Georgia Law Review 529 (2000)

Waiting for the Omelet to Set: Match-Specific Asset and Minority Oppression in the Close Corporation (co-author Edward B. Rock), in Concentrated Corporate Ownership, ed. Randall Morck (NBER/University of Chicago Press, 1999); reprinted in 24 Journal of Corporation Law 913 (1999) and Corporate Practice Commentator (2000)

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