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As we celebrate our Sesquicentennial - 150 years of legal education - we at the University of Pennsylvania Law School look back on a truly rich and distinguished history, one that actually extends further back than 150 years - back to the founding of the Republic. Most lawyers know of the important contributions our founder, James Wilson, made to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In the following pages, we celebrate our rich past, and explore our equally rich and dynamic present as we prepare to educate new generations of lawyers for the future.

With an eye on that future, Penn Law has embraced the exciting reality that law in the twenty-first century is becoming increasingly trans-professional as lawyers study and engage in the practice of law in the closely connected areas of communications, health, medicine, business, and the Constitution.

To address these changes, the Law School is nurturing its relationships with as fine an array of law-related professional institutions as exist in the country - the Wharton School of Business, the Annenberg School for Communication, Penn Medical School, Penn Engineering School, and the newly established National Constitution Center on Independence Mall. Our curricular and scholarly connections with these schools provide an array of educational resources that is unique.

In this issue of the Journal we take a look at these existing relationships and look forward to building on them in the near future. Join in the celebration of both our historic past and our promising future as you peruse the pages of this Sesquicentennial issue of the Penn Law Journal. Involve yourself in our vibrant community by returning to campus to view the shining improvements to our physical plant, by attending the numerous lectures and symposia offered during this momentous year, and by keeping in touch with us and each other.

-Michael A. Fitts, Dean