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Finally, let me add, the Deanship is a fun job. I am meeting the most wonderful and wonderfully distinguished members of the profession, our alumni, who care about the school as much as I do. I am able to spend time communicating the unique opportunities available here at Penn Law School. My faculty colleagues are an extraordinarily intelligent and committed group. The Law School's administrative staff is totally dedicated to the school and second-to-none. And the students are very smart and engaged. In light of these strengths, my fundamental goal is quite simple: to ensure that all the students and faculty feel as supported in the pursuit of their education and professional advancement as I have at Penn.

You mention the legacies of your father and grandfather. How were these two men inspirations to you?

Both men spent the bulk of their professional careers at the University, despite receiving very attractive offers from other top institutions. The reason was they loved the University and understood its special genius, particularly its ambitiousness, its lack of social pretension, and its collaborative inter-school spirit. In their own academic work and in their administrative responsibilities they shared a common commitment to interdisciplinary and cooperative efforts. They each saw the greatness of Penn as its ability to preserve those links. They conveyed to me the challenges and rewards of administrative service.

The survey began the process of the University thinking strategically and comprehensively about how to further its mission. While profit-making organizations are, at least in theory, held accountable by the market, non-profits' goals and success often tend to be more amorphous. The Educational Survey, which was quite unique for its time, underscored the importance of academic institutions thinking comprehensively about what they are about and how to pursue that mission. That idea has flowered in recent years into the strategic planning process. On a more substantive level, the study outlined the tremendous opportunities of inter-school cooperation within this University, which again became a model for all the schools and the University to follow.