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At the ILE and University of Pennsylvania Law Review's Symposium on Norms and Corporate Law, to be held at the Law School in early December, Skeel will write another piece exploring some of the quasi-moral aspects of corporate law - this time on the use of shaming sanctions.

"This will be a significant conference because it will address issues people are interested in but haven't been addressed in any other symposium. There's an all-star cast lined up for this event."

But his academic portfolio isn't yet fully divulged. This year Skeel presented a paper on bankruptcy for a University of Cincinnati symposium called "Contemporary Issues in the Law of Business Organizations." The article, "Lockups and Delaware Venue in Corporate Law and Bankruptcy," will be published in their Law Review this year. This paper follows up a 1996 article "A Reliance Damages Approach to Corporate Lockups" in which he argued that courts should view lockup provisions in contractual terms, and should uphold lockups up to the amount of the corporate bidder's reliance interest; that is, the costs the bidder incurred in pursuing a merger opportunity.

This year David Skeel's most significant efforts will be directed toward finishing a new book The Rise and Dominion of Bankruptcy in America (working title), a political history of bankruptcy over the last one hundred years. The book is scheduled for publication by Princeton Press in 2001.