Fall 1999

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A Discourse on Constitutional Law
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On History and Heritage: John K. Castle
In Defense and Celebration of the First Amendment

Public Service at the Forefront
Lindback Adwardee: Bruce H. Mann
Snippets of History (1915 - 1951)
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Penn Law

First Research Retreat

Heidi Hurd and Ed Rock organized a faculty retreat at the home of Hurd and Michael Moore in April to share their latest research and to regroup at the conclusion of the academic year. Organized under the dual aegis of the Institute for Law and Philosophy and the Institute for Law and Economics, this was the first scholarly faculty retreat in what many hope will become an annual tradition. Five papers were presented between the continental breakfast and dinner that evening. The presentations reflected the range of faculty interest - from the legal history of blasphemy to the Voting Rights Act and the relationship of minority empowerment to political outcomes. The ensuing panel discussions and question periods were informed and spirited. Dinner was punctuated by frequent toasts - to colleagues newly given tenure, to those just publishing books, to visiting faculty offered permanent appointments, to David Skeel and Bruce Mann on receiving Law School and University awards for outstanding teaching. And, of course, as he prepared to step down as dean, in appreciation to Colin Diver. Faculty returned from the retreat impressed with the depth and quality of each other's research, energized by the enthusiasm of the panel discussions, and enriched by new insights from colleagues in complementary fields.

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