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Alumni Journal

Whether you’re looking to catch up with an old friend or find out what the University of Pennsylvania Law School faculty are researching, alumni publications keep you up to date with the Law School community — and help the community stay connected to you.

The Penn Law Journal features topical stories, developments at the Law School, and updates on the ongoing success of alumni.

Excerpt from the first edition of the Law Alumni News, published in 1956

“The Society [Society of the Alumni of the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania] hopes thereby to keep you abreast of newsworthy items concerning Alumni, faculty and students, so that you may know of their accomplishments and, through them, take pride in the Law School.”

Alumni Journal Summer 2020

Penn Law’s Pandemic Response (Summer 2020)

Faced with the extraordinary challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Law School mounted a monumental effort last spring which included developing virtual classes in one week; creating free summer classes for the Class of 2020; freezing tuition for the new school year while maintaining a commitment to a double-digit increase in financial aid; and offering free online CLE classes to alumni.

Penn Law Journal Fall 2019

Amid a Mounting Crisis, Penn Law Promotes Well-being (Fall 2019)

The numbers are stark: Up to one-third of lawyers surveyed by the ABA reported a drinking problem, and up to a quarter suffered from depression. Students, too, are susceptible, with nearly a quarter at risk for alcoholism. Against this backdrop, the Law School has taken the lead in creating a wellness program that teaches students how to manage and reframe stress. 

Summer 2019

Reviving the Los Angeles Times (Summer 2019)

Norman Pearlstine L’67, of Wall Street Journal and Time, Inc. fame, is now leading the Los Angeles Times back to its former glory – and at age 76, no less. Here Pearlstine describes his plans for the paper, opines about the industry, and in the process spins some good yarns.

Winter 2018

Making it in Hollywood (Winter 2018)

Making it to the top of the heap in Hollywood is an arduous journey. In this issue, we tell the stories of five alumni who persevered and reaped the rewards of a career in show business. They write compelling scripts, cut megadeals, and discover hot new talent. Welcome to the big leagues.

Summer 2018

Engineering Change at the SEC (Summer 2018)

As chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton ENG’88, L’93 has cracked down on cryptocurrency, proposed new standards for stockbrokers, and ordered the creation of a new cybersecurity unit – all in his first year or so, winning the longtime Penn Law adjunct professor plaudits from both sides of the aisle.

Summer 2017

Law and Technology (Summer 2017)

British novelist and scientist C.P. Snow tried to bridge the divide between the humanities and science in the 1950s. Flash forward to today, when Penn Law is leading the effort to increase understanding of how law and technology can intersect profitably.

Fall 2016

Big Ideas (Fall 2016)

Penn Law faculty writ large conducts research that redefines accepted legal doctrine. In this issue, we highlight the work of four such scholars – Shyam Balganesh, Sophia Lee, Serena Mayeri, and Tess Wilkinson-Ryan L’05 – who are taking on the shibboleths in areas as diverse as copyright, constitutional law in the workplace, the legal benefits of marriage, and contractual obligations. 

Summer 2016

Women at the Summit (Summer 2016)

This past spring, Penn Law brought together more than 200 alumnae for the Women’s Summit, the largest gathering of its kind in Penn Law history. 

Fall 2015

Student Counsel (Fall 2015)

Dean of Students Gary Clinton imbued the Law School with his buoyant personality and genuine sensitivity, creating an atmosphere in which the students felt listened to and protected. His mighty presence will be felt long after he retires at the end of this year.

Spring 2015

A Scholar & Gentleman (Spring 2015)

The redesigned Penn Law Journal makes its debut with the formal introduction of the new Dean, Ted Ruger. Ted is a longtime presence on the faculty, an estimable scholar and a highly regarded teacher. Get to know him in this issue.

Fall 2014

An RX to Heal Criminal Justice (Fall 2014)

Penn Law’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice has taken on added importance in light of several high-profile cases that raise seminal questions about the performance of our criminal justice system. The Center is working with experts from across the University to evaluate and eliminate errors in criminal justice, using a model that has proven highly successful for the aviation and health care industries.

Summer 2014

Farewell to Fitts (Summer 2014)

Dean Michael A. Fitts led Penn Law for 14 extraordinary years, leaving behind a string of achievements including a stronger interdisciplinary program and a revitalized campus.

Fall 2013

A Home for Inalienable Rights (Fall 2013)

 For years, Penn Law has been at the epicenter of the gay rights movement, leading by example, as documented in our cover story.

Summer 2013

The Perils of Push Button War (Summer 2013)

Our homegrown Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law evaluates the limits of government in protecting national security.