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Penn Law Journal

The Penn Law Journal features topical stories, developments at the Law School, and updates on the ongoing success of alumni.

An RX to Heal Criminal Justice (Fall 2014)

imagePenn Law’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice has taken on added importance in light of several high-profile cases that raise seminal questions about the performance of our criminal justice system. The Center is working with experts from across the University to evaluate and eliminate errors in criminal justice, using a model that has proven highly successful for the aviation and health care industries.
Also in this issue:

  • - Celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Public Service program, which continues to provide a wealth of opportunities for students inclined to serve the public good.
  • - A tribute to Ernie Gonsalves, who retired at the end of the year as vice dean of business affairs, a title that doesn’t begin to describe his contributions.


Farewell to Fitts (Summer 2014) 


Dean Michael A. Fitts led Penn Law for 14 extraordinary years, leaving behind a string of achievements including a stronger interdisciplinary program and a revitalized campus.
Also in this issue:

  • A look at the life of Noam Dworkin L’87, owner of the hottest comedy club in New York
  • The transition of Gigi Sohn L’86 from fierce advocate for digital freedom to establishment figure as top advisor to the chairman of the FCC

A Home for Inalienable Rights (Fall 2013)


For years, Penn Law has been at the epicenter of the gay rights movement, leading by example, as documented in our cover story.
Also in this issue:

  • The tale of Michael Smerconish L’87, who quit conservative talk radio to start a centrist show on satellite radio
  • The iconoclastic Richard Walden C’68, L’72, who runs a small, independent disaster relief organization that eschews federal money
  • A Hong Kong entrepreneur by the name of Joanne Ooi L’93 who prices her online jewelry under the laws of supply and demand

The Perils of Push Button War (Summer 2013)


Our homegrown Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law evaluates the limits of government in protecting national security.
Also in this issue:

  • Portraits of senior executives in the four major sports
  • Color commentary on marriage from Lynn Toler L’84, judge on the television series Divorce Court