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Penn Carey Law students have a wide array of housing options with affordable rent ranges compared to other Northeastern cities.

As an admitted student, you can already begin exploring some of the many housing possibilities, both on campus and off campus, available to the members of our community through the resources we’ve provided on this website.

If you are looking for a roommate, you can use OCS’s roommate search service to reach out to other graduate students, who are also looking to share an apartment. We also recommend connecting with other incoming 1Ls through the Penn Carey Law Class of 2023 Facebook page if you’re interested in living with another Penn Carey Law student. Within the Facebook page, we have posted a Google Shared Doc for students looking for roommates. Please use this to share information about yourself and what you are looking for in a roommate (price range, neighborhood, studying habits, etc). This document is meant as a directory of information as you search for a roommate. The Admissions Office will not be making roommate matches.

Additionally, a Penn Medicine student created a website specific to finding roommates that attend your college/university. The website,, is a great resource for students to find subletters and roommates, as well as both year-long and temporary accommodations.


On Campus Housing

Off Campus

Housing Survey