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Pre-Term Program

LLM Pre-Term Program

Our innovative Pre-Term Program provides an academic grounding in the U.S. legal system as well as social, cultural, and professional opportunities. Penn Carey Law is the only premiere U.S. law school to offer such a program.

A One-of-a-Kind Welcome to U.S. Legal Education 

As a Penn Carey Law LLM, your studies will begin with three courses during the Pre-Term Program: a Foundations course in the U.S. legal system and practices, a U.S. Legal Research course, and U.S. Legal Writing course. This early start prepares you for your traditional law classes with your JD classmates during the Fall and Spring semesters.


The Pre-Term Experience

Ahead of the Rest

“This is one thing that separates Penn from other law schools. Personally, this period helped me get a better sense of what and how I should do things for the whole LLM year.” Amal Sethi LLM ’16

Designed for International Students

“A great opportunity to know the fellows and faculty at Penn Law, and a nice transitional period for international students to get familiar with living in Philly as well as American legal education, wonderful experience!Donglei Liao, LLM ’16

“My Best Experience”

“My best experience at Penn Law was The Pre-Term Program. It was a good time to meet other classmates and adapt to the U.S. law school setting and a new life.” LLM ’14

Building Fundamentals

“My Best Academic Experience in the Pre-Term Program: Learning the fundamentals of due process and equal protection doctrines and the basics of Federal question vs. diversity jurisdiction in the Federal courts. My Best Social or Cultural Experience in the Pre-Term Program: The Chinese meal after the Foundations exam, a great feeling to have finished the Pre-Term Program successfully.” William Kelly, LLM ’14

Team Building Opportunities 

“My Best Academic Experience in the Pre-Term Program: It was my legal writing course. Professor Hetrick helped us edit our memos to become brief and brilliant. My Best Social or Cultural Experience in the Pre-Term Program: Definitely team building. I was in the lion team, cooperated with other international classmates to fulfill marvelous tasks, such as building the paper tower, drawing the totem of our team and so on.” Yin Wu, LLM ’14