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Course Selection and Registration

Course Registration

Course Registration

Course Registration Information

Advanced Registration will begin on TBD. The chance of being placed in a course is not affected by when the request is entered, as all requests will be processed after the last day of registration. However, it is best to submit requests a day or two early in case any technical issues arise.

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Degree Requirements

Each student must take 24 credit hours to graduate. Five credits (toward the 24 total) come from the Pre-Term Program. All LLM students will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory Summer Program courses, Foundations in U.S. Law, U.S. Legal Writing, and U.S. Legal Research.

Course Selection

If you have questions about registration logistics or other inquiries, reach out directly to the Registrar’s Office.

Course Finder

Use our Course Finder to review courses, professors, and course descriptions. 
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Exam Schedule

Exam schedule will be circulated before advance registration closes 
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