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Our curriculum is designed for students and professionals coming from disciplines outside of the law who wish to complement their academic and professional pursuits with an understanding of the law that impacts their fields. Grounding students with a foundation in U.S Law, the Master in Law (ML) curriculum provides opportunities to develop specialized legal knowledge. ML degree and certificate students create distinctive curricular paths when combining uniquely designed ML courses with classes from the upper-level JD curriculum. Others are welcome to engage in learning by taking classes on an ad hoc or elective basis.

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Course Offerings

LAWM 5110 - U.S. Law and Legal Methods

offered fall, spring, summer with
ProfessorsAndrew Soven, Lee Rosengard, John Grogan

LAWM 5280 - General Business Law

offered fall, spring, summer with

Professors Donyale Reavis, Joanna Cline, Michael LiPuma

LAWM 5290 - Navigating the Regulatory State

offered fall, spring with

ProfessorsWilliam Petersen ,Charles Howland

LAWM 5050 - American Constitutional Law

offered fall, spring with

ProfessorMichael Gerhardt , DeanTheodore Ruger

LAWM 5060 - Technology and IP Law for Non-Lawyers

offered fall, spring with

Professors Maryellen Feehery Hank, Trevor Cloak


LAWM 5130 - Medical Liability and Negligence

offered spring with

ProfessorsNadeem Bezar &Dominic Guerrini


LAWM 5150 - Contracts and Negotiations

offered spring with

Professor Brian Shaffer

LAWM 5220 – Corporate Governance and Compliance

offered fall with

Professor Andrew Kandel

LAWM 5250 — Entrepreneurship Law

offered spring, summer with Professors Kimberly Klayman & Gregory Seltzer, Rebecca Clayton

LAWM 5300 - Health Law and Policy Fundamentals

offered fall, spring with

ProfessorsAngus Corbett ,Emily Largent ,Holly Fernandez-Lynch

LAWM 5360 - Fundamentals of US Legal Research (online)

offered fall, summer with

ProfessorsEdwin Greenlee , Mariah Ford

LAWM 5410 - Heathcare Compliance, Ethics & Governance (online)

offered fall with

Professor Asha Scielzo

LAWM 556 - Health Law & Comparative Health Systems Overview (online)

offered summer with

Dean Theodore Ruger & Professor Angus Corbett

LAWM 576 - Patent Law (online)

offered fall, spring with

Professor Polk Wagner

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Spring 2023 Master in Law Courses

U.S. Law and Legal Methods (LAWM 5110)

General Business Law (LAWM 5280)

Navigating the Regulatory State (LAWM 5290)

American Constitutional Law (LAWM 5050)

Technology Law and IP for Non-Lawyers (LAWM 5060)

Technology Law and Ethics (LAWM 5060-302)

Medical Liability and Negligence (LAWM 5130)

Entrepreneurship Law (LAWM 5250)

Health Law and Policy (LAWM 5300)

Patent Law (LAWM 5760) - Online