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Course Offerings Master in Law Program

Our curriculum is designed for students and professionals coming from disciplines outside of the law who wish to complement their academic and professional pursuits with an understanding of the law that impacts their fields.  The Master in Law (ML) curriculum grounds students with a foundation in U.S. law and provides them opportunities to develop specialized legal knowledge applicable to their fields by combining our uniquely designed ML coursework with classes from our upper-level law curriculum. 

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US Law and Legal Methods

LAWM 511 - U.S. Law and Legal Methods

offered in fall, spring, summer

General Business Law

LAWM 528 - General Business Law

offered in fall, spring, summer 

Navigating the Regulatory StateLAWM 529 - Navigating the Regulatory State

offered in fall, spring

American Constitutional LawLAWM 505 - American Constitutional Law

offered in fall, spring

Tech and IP law

LAWM 506 - Technology and IP Law for Non-Lawyers

offered in fall, spring

Medical Liability & NegligenceLAWM 513 - Medical Liability and Negligence

offered in spring

Contracts and NegotiationsLAWM 515 - Contracts and Negotiations

 offered in spring

Corporate ComplianceLAWM 522 – Corporate Compliance

offered in fall 2020

Health Law & PolicyLAWM 530 - Health Law and Policy Fundamentals

 offered in fall, spring

Entrepreneurship & Start-Up LawLAWM 525 — Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Law

offered in summer

Fundamentals of US Legal Research

LAWM 536 - Fundamentals of US Legal Research (online)

offered in fall

Patent Law

LAWM 576 - Patent Law (online)

offered in fall, spring