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Certificate in Law

Certificate in Law

Launched in 2014, the Master in Law (ML) degree offers graduate students and accomplished professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning the law and legal processes that impact their scholarship and shape their fields.

Certificate in Law

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“Taking a Master in Law course over the summer at Penn Law was a great experience! The discussions were vibrant and I found myself always looking forward to the next class!”

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February 28, 2024

Master in Law Career Podcast Discussion (Invitation Only)

ML Career Podcast Discussion: “The Most Powerful Negotiation Technique You’ve Never Heard Of” Wednesday, February 28 | Noon-1:00pm | Zoom | Register Join Dianne Hull, Career Advisor to ML Degree Candidates, for an enlightening discussion delving into “The Most Powerful Negotiation Technique You’ve Never Heard Of,” featured on the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast. This session promises to uncover hidden gems of negotiation wisdom that can transform your approach in professional and personal settings alike. You will have the opportunity to discuss the thought-provoking insights shared by Ahyiana Angel, a renowned speaker and author, who introduces a groundbreaking negotiation technique that remains largely under the radar. Her unique perspective and practical advice offer a fresh take on negotiation, challenging conventional methods and encouraging innovative strategies. We highly encourage all students to listen to this 30-minute podcast prior to the discussion. This will not only enhance your understanding but also enable a richer, more interactive conversation. Be ready to share your thoughts, experiences, and any questions you might have around negotiation. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your knowledge and discover the negotiation power you never knew you had!

April 2, 2024

ML 10th Anniversary Lecture: A Supreme Legacy: Linda Greenhouse on 45 Years Covering the High Court

Join us for a captivating evening featuring two of our nation’s most respected legal minds and court observers, Linda Greenhouse and Jeffrey Rosen. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Linda Greenhouse will share her insights on over four decades of Supreme Court coverage, followed by a conversation with legal scholar Jeffrey Rosen, providing the audience with an insider’s perspective on the Court. Witness this engaging and informative discussion delving into the Supreme Court’s history, its increasingly consequential docket, and its vital societal role. The speakers will challenge the audience to examine the complexities and significance of the Court’s recent and upcoming matters. Open to the public, this event is a must for anyone interested in law, politics, and the societal impact of the nation’s highest court and is being presented to mark the tenth anniversary celebration of the Master in Law Program at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. Reception to Follow.

April 2, 2024

Master in Law 10th Anniversary Reception

Reception following the Master in Law 10th Anniversary Distinguished Speaker event.